Vegetarian Cookery

In vegetarian cookery, there is no meat involved in the food whatsoever. In lacto-ovo vegetarian cuisine, which is the cuisine of this nature in the Western world, eggs and dairy products are permitted. In the strictest vegetarian cookery, no animal products at all are used. There are some foods that are traditionally vegetarian, such as cereals and grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, pastas, tree nuts and seeds, beans and peas, as well as spices and herbs.

When you are a vegetarian, you still have many options open to you for enjoying delicious food. Indian cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world for vegetarian cookery with the Gujarati cuisine being one of the best of the Indian cuisines for vegetarian foods. The main Indian foods for vegetarian cuisine are:

Roti Parathas can be stuffed with fruits and vegetables to provide a great tasting dish.

Some of the other foods of the world that include vegetarian cookery are:

Spanish – tumbret, tapas and polentas dishes

Mexican – salsa, guacamole, rice and bean burritos, some quesadillas, bean tacos and pies, black beans with rice and cheese enchiladas

Italian – eggplant, pizza, brushetta

Balkan – dolmas and spanakopita

Russian – soups and dishes containing fermented vegetables

Chinese – eggplant, noodles, string beans, broccoli, rice, and tofu

Japanese – tempura, edamame, and miso soup

Thai – curries and pad kee maow

Wales – Welsh rarebit, laverbread and Glamorgan sausages

Today there are also vegetarian foods that resemble meat products, but which do not contain met. These include such foods as veggie burgers and veggie dogs, Jambalaya using mock meat and sea vegetables are used for taste.